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Shakespeare created many of his works in the time of the plague, a reminder that despite the state of the world, theater, art, and poetry will always be there. Art is an outlet for all of us to get as much love, joy, and creativity as we put into it. The Cyber Sonnet Project is an opportunity for anyone (artists and non-artists) to express some creativity and keep our community strong! 



1. Sign up in our google form: 
2. You will be randomly assigned one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. 
3. Create your art! Use any medium you want: it can be as literal or figurative as you want. See the list below for inspiration. 
4. Submit your art to us by emailing no later than Friday,

    March 20th at noon. 
5. We will post all of the art we are sent on our website and share it with our community! 

Any questions can be sent to 




- Visual art
    - Pencil, markers, Sharpies, crayons, highlighters, watercolor, oil pastels, makeup (on paper or on your face)
    - Post-it notes, journal page, printer paper, wrapping paper, cardboard, paper plate, paper grocery bags,

       newspaper, empty toilet paper rolls (or toilet paper)  
    - Freehand, trace, splatter paint, finger-paint 
    - Drawing, painting, collage 
    - Sculpture out of literally anything you own that you can take a picture of and take apart later 
- Written/Musical 
    - Write a poem based on the sonnet
    - Write a song based on the sonnet and/or record your song
    - Write a short story based on the sonnet 
    - Write a short play based on the sonnet 
    - Write a melody based on your sonnet
- Performance

    - A video, or boomerang, or tik tok

    - A timelapse video of you creating your art 

    - Reading your sonnet out loud (audio or video), in English or another language

    - A video of the sonnet in ASL 

- Wildcard 
    - Food art/sculpture 
    - Graphic design 


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