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Little & Fierce Theatre Company Presents


A Digital Reading Series

March 25-30th, 2021

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& Lucy

Written by Jordan Hurley 

Directed by Sabrina D'Andrea

Lucy attempts to address the elephant in the room and all the anxieties that come with it a few days after she and her boyfriend Henry have sex for the first time. 

Performing March 25th @ 7PM EST

Written by Tessa Barcelo

Directed by Syona Varty

In the shadows of Victorian London, Alice awaits her betrothed. However, it is not her fiancé who shows up to meet her, but his sister, Caroline: the true holder of Alice's heart.

Performing March 25th @ 7PM EST

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Alice & Caroline


Boy Crush

Written by Andres Garza

Directed by Madeline Jewell

Stuck on a crush that doesn't like you back? Welcome to Franco's life. Join him as he explores sexuality, self-pity, and all the fun little things running through his gay little mind. 

Performing March 25th @ 7PM EST

Written by Maguire Wilder

Directed by Maiya Pascouche

every stormy day, 2 girls visit a treehouse. life happens outside; they come here to digest it. the storm gets stronger as girls become girls become girls become women. what happens when the storm that's always been there knocks on their door?

Performing March 26th @ 7PM EST

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The Birthday

Cake Play, or

How to Grow Up,

or How to Digest

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Deafening Silence

Written & Directed by Mary Cecilia Walker

Deafening Silence takes a look at the internal scars we have and how they can affect our life and those we love. Sometimes love can cause the greatest happiness but also the greatest pain.

Performing March 28th @ 7PM EST

Written by Marina Rebecca Chan

Directed by Vanessa Lancellotti

Constantly getting on each other’s nerves, Lucy, Jane and Robert—aka Balloo, Mops and Plops—could be any family stuck in one room during the Covid Era, as they try calmly, and desperately, to pass the time.  Will their belief in “tomorrow” save the day, or is something else just as deadly as the virus at play?

Performing March 29th @ 7PM EST


Tomorrow and Tomorrow

and Tomorrow

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39 Revolutions

Written by Alex Lin

Directed by Cara Hinh

Four radical left college students travel to Moscow, Russia for spring break to resurrect Vladimir Lenin and rig the 2016 presidential election. A raucous bacchanal of sex, drugs, and socialism that begs the question: are we capable of enacting real change, or are we destined to always want more than we could ever need?

Performing March 30th @ 7PM EST

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